Jack McKay

Jack McKay

Welcome to my site!

Hi everyone, I'm Jack McKay, I'm a homeschool teacher, brother to two, and son of parents who modeled being financially-savvy to me.

I briefly shared some insights about bargain-shopping on a wordpress blog of mine and I quickly realized just how popular couponing really is.

My mom was the one who first introduced me to couponing, made me my coupon organization box, and gave me ideas on how to save better than anyone else.

I like to keep life simple, I love to constantly be learning and growing as a person, I like to laugh, and most of all, I love the Lord and my family. And that pretty much sums up my life in a nutshell.

Interested in seeing other couponers, check out their blogs: Tessa Dudley, Dominic Benton, Sofia, Joe P.

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